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I love cats but that litter box is the death knell of owning a cute cuddly cat. But you can change all of that one of two ways. Either purchase a "system" for $55 online, which isn't bad, or do it DIY style for under $10.
Because I'm a bit of a skeptic, I'd opt for the DIY approach so as not to be out all that money. Plus, I love a good DIY challenge!
Excuse the quality of the video, but I promise, this is THE BEST tutorial I could find online. Most videos show cats going in the toilet but never show HOW it's done. If you go this route, be patient with your kitty. No yelling. No screaming. No beating. No punishment. They're not human after all.
I've heard of this, but I didn't even realize it was something you could do!
Cats around here are all outdoors. Can't imagine a cat using the same toilet as me. hahaha
I watched this and a few other videos. I like this one because the others only show the cat going. I don't want to watch a cat go. This isn't the greatest video quality, but it has the best info on how to do this. If and when I get a cat I am going to try this.
I have seen people that have been able to train their cats to do this and I feel it is much easier and less expensive in the end. I just wish I could have taught my cat to do this! Next one I get I'll try this so thanks for the great tips!