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OMG! LIke why did I not find this sooner?! Like a million years sooner?!
My life has been surrounded by dogs. All kinds. Big and small. And the most annoying problem I have ever had with them is the way they constantly pull when on a leash and going for a walk. It's just insanity when on a trail and they go nuts. I see other owners and dogs walking just fine and I get both annoyed and embarrassed. Ugh!!
In the video Emily Larlham explains what to do and what not to do. She's got a whole lot more to say on her website, DogMantics.com.

What I learned:

1. Use a clicker.
2. Practice walking behavior at home in the yard to avoid distractions.
3. Use unpredictable patterns of walking so the dog is not sure which way to go.
4. Treats and a clicker can be used to reward good positioning.
5. If the leash becomes tense, simply turn around.
I need to try this. My dachshund LOVES pulling me when we're on a walk.
This is such a great video. This girl is smart! Wish I thought of the clicker.
I have 2 dogs. and they worship me. And they don't pull. Not sure what the fuss is about. Maybe the owners?? haha Sorry to hear about the "horrendous walkers" @marshalledgar
Hahaha It could be @noonmarez . I used to take 1 of them to Santa Monica with me. M street kitchen is my Hotspot for French toast, cocktails and walking the dog
wow! I'm doing this when I visit my sister. she's got 2 dogs that are horrendous walkers.