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Do you know, its been a while Since I heard your voice, and saw you smile.. And for years did I search in vain The clouds gathered, but it never rained. You were precious,you did knew But those lost years,indeed flew Fragments were torn aside, Slowly,a part of us,did die. For you,I writhed in pain, But all that's left is a mere touch memory. The faint ghost of a caress. That lingers still. More alive than the day today. Your presence from yesterday. For you, I twitched in agony, But you were just a touch memory. No more than the last breeze Wafting through the midnight hours. Perhaps the days will pass, and tides shall rise. Waves sweeping past the sands and rock. The castle shall fall and be forgotten But, forever, shall the ripples stay..
I love it! really touched my heart and breathtaking .
@DebankaChanda Quick, but I enjoyed it anyways!
just a quick poem.. nothing major..