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She is bright and candid, and write wonderfully. She could be a successful lawyer somewhere, or maybe still on the white house staff. But she is Monica Lewinsky. "That women". The world's first victim of Internet defamation. Having realized that looking on herself as "patient 0" of this terrible and unacceptably widespread phenomenon, can enable her to turn her own defamation into a mean for helping others and many times save lives, Monica is now ready to use her skills as a bright and brave woman to fight back. You better take notice of what she has to say, among other things, about the chance that Hillary Clinton will be the first woman president of the United States. You got to admire her, and you got to have what she wrote in her "Vanity fair" article, make you think about how easy it is to "unknow" someone on the Internet, and what does it mean in more benign circumstances.
It's such a shame that a huge mistake she made in her early 20s is something she has to carry with her for the rest of her life. I'm glad she's able to become a stronger person these days.
And you probably want to see her TED lecture too... Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame #TED : http://on.ted.com/a0nLx
I think she's done a good job of becoming more than "that woman," though know she is becoming known as "someone who has moved past being that woman"
some would argue that she at least was able to turn some of it into good. she used the publicity into a way to promote her brand, especially now. I am not saying I agree, but that is an argument that I have read recently