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To switch things up, and to keep myself from eating pint after pint of celebrity-endorsed premium ice cream, I've decided to take this whole Celebrity-Endorsed Product Review collection into a whole different direction with some celebrity-endorsed fragrance reviews. These days, everybody who's anybody has their own cologne or perfume deal, from Taylor Swift to Adam Levine to the focus of today's review - rapper Nicki Minaj.
'Onika', named after Nicki's birth name, is by no means her first foray into fragrance. In fact, so far she has four: Pink Friday, Onika, Minajesty, and the Minajesty Exotic Edition. I've decided to pick 'Onika' as my first Nicki fragrance to review because, according to Nicki's official website, she describes it as smelling like "angels in the garden of ... perfection."
I'm not quite sure what that smells like, but hey, why the hell not?

The Packaging: 4/5

How cool is this packaging?! All Nicki Minaj's fragrances come with a cool little 'bust' of Nicki. It almost reminds me of a pop star update to the classic Jean Paul Gaultier bottle look. The 'Pink Friday' perfume comes with a pink-haired Nicki, the 'Minajesty' perfume comes with wild curly hair, and this bottle of 'Onika' comes with a trendy black bob. (Me and this bottle have the same exact haircut! Whaaat!)
The one drawback I could think of when it comes to this bottle is if you lose the cap, you're pretty much stuck with boobs. This is okay if you don't mind just having some boobs hanging around your vanity table, but it seems to lose its effect when you don't have the whole bottle all together.

The Price: 5/5

($29.99/1 fl. oz.; $19.99/rollerball)

For a fragrance, I think the price point for this is extremely reasonable. $30 for a standard size perfume bottle is certainly on the cheaper side of the spectrum. They also offer a $20 rollerball alternative that you can just sort of pop in your purse. (I LOVE rollerballs. I feel like you can control the intensity a lot better than you could with a spray, thus making them go a much longer way!)

The Smell: 3/5

According to the manufacturer, 'Onika' smells like sugarcane, pear, and white musk. I am a huge fan of white musk as a note, so I was really excited to try this one. I also read a lot of reviews of other customers who said the smell of pear in this is extremely prominent.
However, when it came time for me to smell this myself, all I could smell was vanilla. It smelled a lot of Bath & Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar. It smelled safe, and I guess if you're into trying out different vanilla scents, this is worth checking out. However, I wanted a little bit more musk in this one!

Overall: B (80%)

I gave this fragrance a B because I think it's a good product for those who want a perfume that has sort of a burnt vanilla sugar smell to it. However, I wish that it had a lot more depth to it, especially the depth that the indicated notes of pear and white musk conveyed.
If someone bought it for me as a gift, I would totally wear it, as I think it's not too weak or overpowering, and I think everyone is generally okay with smelling like vanilla. However, if I'm browsing around for a new fragrance, I think this one just isn't really very daring or creative enough for me.
@beywatch and @iluvdurian31 I'm cracking up at your comments. To add on, Nicki's hair also resembles Edna Mode from The Incredibles. lol
I'm going to say 1/5 for package design. even the box it comes in is blah. if it looks loo like a copy then it is. I don't blame Minaj, but her merchandise team should know better.
@iluvdurian31 Yeah I don't think it helps that her hair looks super Egyptian on the bottle lol
the packaging reminds me of the mummy. lol
Wait a sec, I just reread this. Did you mention Target? I didn't see it. I might have missed it. I have to say that I am not familiar with Target's perfume counter. It never crossed my mind. So, to see this from Target actually surprises me. I thought this was being hocked at CVS. You know I love my CVS. I so rarely go to Walgreens. Anyhow, don't let it slide @beywatch. LOL No sliding scale either. hehehe If it's bad, then it's bad. If it's great, then it's great.
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