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Today French-Canadian chanteuse Celine Dion announced that she will officially be returning to the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in late August. It will be almost exactly a year since she announced her indefinite hiatus from the "A New Day" concert series following the news of her husband Réne-Charles's cancer diagnosis.
Seems like his health has stabilized well because Queen Celine is back in action!
The concert will be updated with a number of new stages, so even if you've caught Celine's Las Vegas show before, it's a whole new beast!
"It is very emotional for me and I’m anticipating the emotions to grow even more as the date gets closer," Dion told People in an official statement earlier this week. "It’s very touching," she adds. "Every night is a new show ... I promise there will be high, happy notes."
Personally, I'm really excited to see that everything is getting back to business for Celine. The stage has been missing its favorite diva. (And I've been missing these YouTube compilations of the crazy things she does during interviews. She's the best.)
Her voice's very chilling with the songs that she sings. "I'm your lady and you are my mannnn"
Love Celine! Her voice is just magic. Hope all is well and better for Rene
@stargaze Isn't it something when singers can imitate other singers' voice?
@misssophiestik Did you see the card I posted of Ariana Grande doing impressions of her singing voice? Dude, it seriously spot on.
@stargaze Celine's attitude is the best. I felt the gif truly captured my Celine love.
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