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Classic example of how PSYCHO and GENIUS can be the same thing! Need to charge your device, like a phone? Plug it into your laptop and click here. Do this overnight and you will have a fully charged whatever.
The CHALLENGE is to listen for as damn long as you can. Over 39 million people have taken the Nyan Cat Challenge. Will you?
10 hours of Nyan Cat will surely make your ears bleed and cause mild to severe bouts of insanity. But at least you'll have a fully functioning and charged phone when it's all over. Though, you'll be so jacked in the brain you'll probably be convinced that you can call people in your head.
Do people really charge their phone this way?! I'd get the worst headache!
I stayed up past my bedtime to look at this. What kind of crazy hell does one have to live in to actually take the nyan cat challenge?
ridiculous. but I do love Nyan Cat
I tried this and lasted 17 mijutes.