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http://ktla.com/2015/03/20/pedestrian-killed-in-collision-with-vehicle-on-san-gabriel-mountains-roadway/ Super depressing to read that kind of stuff for me... always try to stay in your lane if the road isn't closed for you. I understand as a rider it's dangerous and you're always putting yourself at risk when bombing a hill at any speed open or closed for you.. It's not always as easy as it sounds and sometimes you will end up in the other lane... Mistakes are made and you might not always come out of things that easy.. my prayers go out to the family of this young rider and the people who seen it happen.
@JaydenWashabaug apparently there was a group of them and they did a run and went to do another and either had a rock slide during the run or after they got to the top again and they came around the corner and all of them but him were able to swerve around the rocks and such.
shit happens
@RichardSchafer is correct and when dude slid out he happened to come across the wheel of that dump truck
Yeah freak accident
From what I have heard there was a rockslide and he went to dodge a boulder and than collided with the dump truck
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