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The late Paul Walker's last film, Furious 7 will be in theaters on March 26. And I know I won't be the only one in tears. Listen to Wiz Khalifa's tribute song, "See You Again" featuring Charlie Puth. It's going to be the closing credits song. I never sit through those credits but I have a feeling nobody's going to leave till it's over, kleenex tissues in hand.
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Not a huge fan either, but just melted when I heard this. Philip was like, huh??!! Then he gave me a hug. @redridergirl @danidee
sooo touching love the lyrics true honest pure feelings are put in to this song love it thanks so much for sharing listening to this one really made me speechless loosing someone so close to you really hurts so much RIP Paul walker.
@darcysdiary @danidee I like Wiz's music and his voice. His music is just a sampling of what I dance to when I am out. This song reached I feel a new level of depth for him. I cried when I heard it and listened to the words. I didn't even connect Paul Walker to it at the tine so when I saw this article you wrote and it was nice to know. It is a sad loss of Paul Walker but often we are reminded how short life is and to try to make the most of it while we are able. Thank you for sharing this! Remember yall are young and wild and free - as another song goes, so love, live life up all you can, have fun, be happy! OK and my signature is with friends but I don't put it on the site because it is a direct quote from Don Cornelius' lips each week when he hosted Soul Train but I always felt it closed the show perfectly! I loved it and adopted it as my sort of philosophy. So to yall my friends I will close by saying: Love, Peace and Soul!
I played this like 3 times. <3 <3 <3 <3
RIP Paul Walker