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The Ladbrokes, British oddsmakers, have decided on the best method for helping Prince William and Princess Kate figure out the name of their next child - Corgi racing!
Welsh Corgis are Queen Elizabeth II's favorite breed, and ten Corgis were chosen to race in an event called the Barkingham Palace Gold Cup. Each Corgi was responsible for a different name - five girl names and five boy names, and the winner was dubbed the official name of the future Royal Baby.
Watch the video to see who wins!
(And, you know, to die from cuteness overload. Because Corgis.)

Congratulations to the winning name: ALEXANDRA!

What do you guys think about the name Alexandra? Is it suitable for royalty? And what if the Royal Baby ends up being a boy? What then?! (I hope it's determined by yet another Corgi race.)
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Awww <3 what a cute way!
@misssophiestik Are you a corgi lover too?!
@beywatch ah yes definitely! I'm planning on getting one in the future!
@missophiestik I want a corgi someday too!
Corgi lovers unite! lol@beywatch