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Set up my friends board for our trip to Maryhill in 2 weeks! Deck: Landyachtz Canyon Arrow Trucks: Caliber 2's with 89 Barrel Blood Orange rs. 85a Venom Barrel bs (front truck), 89a Venom eliminator bs (back truck). Wheels: 80a Mini Monster Hawgs w/ Zealous bearings.
Good, just exercise caution, plenty of people have been hurt there. Hate to see another.
Just be careful. Maryhill is no joke
Thanks man! I know where you're coming from.
Sadly not going to the free ride! :( Thanks for the advice man! The bushings work fine for both my weight and my friends weight (we weigh about the same), I've taken this set up down a local run pushing 35+, maybe even 40? No wobbles for me. Wheels aren't scrubbed, still have a good amount of grip. We don't plan to tackle maryhill full on right away, just going to take our time getting comfy and working our way up the hill a section at a time.
Those bushings seem a little soft, and if your wheels are scrubbed you could slip out.
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