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Think you know EVERYTHING about the British Royals? Test your knowledge here. Adapted from Laura Marie Meyers' article, "49 Facts Every Die-Hard Fan Of The British Royal Family Should Know" on PopSugar.com, I've come up with 20 MUST-KNOW facts!
1. At just 13 years of age Prince William had tea with MAJOR CRUSH, Cindy Crawford.
2. During a 10-day trip to Africa with then-girlfriend, Kate Middleton, William kept his late-mother's 18 carat sapphire and diamond ring hidden in his backpack--waiting for just the right time to propose to Kate.
3. Like mother, like son. Prince William ensured that over 60,000 fan mail (with return postage) got a royal reply from the Prince during his engagement to Kate.
4. Kate lived in Jordan with her family in the early 80s before returning to England after her father's two-year British Airways contract.
5. Under the guise of "William Wales," the Duke of Cambridge enrolled in St. Andrews and graduated with the highest academic honors ever to be achieved by the Monarch.
6. At 29 years of age, the Duchess of Cambridge is the oldest British bride in monarch history.
7. Not since the Anglo-Saxon period has a king abdicated the throne until 1936 when King Edward VII renounced the monarchy in pursuit of love.
8. During WWII Queen Elizabeth trained as a mechanic and driver for the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service.
9. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are the same great-great-grandparents to husband and wife, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.
10. Prince Harry spent more time in the headlines than any other British Royal.
11. The only source of income both William and his brother Harry receive come from their military service. Neither Princess Kate's marriage, nor her title afford her a salary.
12. Princess Kate, also known as the Duchess of Cambridge, will only be "Queen Kate" by consort due to her absence of birthright. Queen Elizabeth II, by comparison is queen by regnant.
13. HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness. The title stands unless a royal-only-by-marriage becomes divorced or widowed.
14. Monarch succession to King of England follows in the order of: Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George.
15. Prince Charles, while dating her older sister, met Diana, who would posthumously be named The People's Princess. She was 16 years old.
16. Meeting a sitting monarch for the first time must always be greeted with "Your Majesty."
17. Meeting any of the Royals with HRH (and not the monarchy), should be addressed first as "Your Royal Highness." Sir or ma'am will suffice thereafter.
18. No hugs. No kisses. No touching. Not even a handshake, unless the Royals initiate.
19. Remember when Hollywood's dizzy infatuation with William and Kate turned into a cease-production period in July 2011? That's cool. Just don't go ape-shit in person. Let the Royals direct the conversation and never ask a direct question.
20. Selfies will never ever happen. Like ever! Don't you dare ask!
@Heartofgold35 that is so cool. I'd love to visit Britain some day and meet william and Kate
King George etc. I'm related to a lot of famous people.
Through Mary Queen of Scots
For some of the things they do, I can't believe I'm related to those people.
As would I marshalledgar as would I.
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