5 years ago
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What's with that ring? Does it have sentimental value for LMH? hmmm..
As I browse photos of LMH, I notice that he often have that ring. I'm curious now if it have a sentimental value or what. And why does it have to be placed in his middle finger?
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4 years ago·Reply
it's on the 3rd finger..it's just for goodluck (crossing finger)
4 years ago·Reply
see the way he rubs it when he's in another country
4 years ago·Reply
@meracarreon hello.! u mean sya nagbigay nung ring kay minho? :)
4 years ago·Reply
I saw that too in You Tube,that they have a MinMin couple ring,But we don't know If it is true or not.Only Lee Min Ho knows the real truth.Whatever it is,as long as he's happy we should support our idol,Ok?
4 years ago·Reply