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I had these thin leather gardening style gloves that I used to start learning to slide with. I started to wear through them so I reinforced them with rubber electrical tape. This stuff cones four rolls for $1.49 at Walmart and its not the nice electrical tape that will stretch up to 200% the original size. It's the cheap-ass thick rubber shit that's like strips of plastic almost with adhesive on one side. So I put about 4-5 wraps around key wear areas. I think there are a lot better places to reinforce than where I did, but it was my first time trying it, and I learned how to do it better next time. The tape is easy to replace and cheap. It works pretty well though, I've never worn all the way through the tape before the bottom of a hill or before I got a chance to replace it. And you can put as many wraps as you want to make the gloves as thick as you want in wear zones. Good idea or nah? Anyway it works for me, for now. I think I want leather Blood Orange gloves to replace this shitty system!
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Lol nahh I'll stick with gloves with pucks
@DanielSpazJames I know, where I put the tape on this glove doesn't recreate a store-bought pucked glove at all but if I tape around the palm then I couldn't get my hand in and out. Also i can really only do a coleman-esque type slide rn so not a lot of weight goes on my hand. I'm trying to learn pendys, because I stop at the end of every slide rn. If I could just swing back like a pendy and keep riding that'd be great. Because rn I always end switch at the end of a slide and I get speed wobbles riding switch at 2 mphs so I stop. Any tips for pendies/riding switch?
Yep I learned with some fishing gloves and cutting board. The only problem I see with this is getting used to plastic that slides easier.
My first gloves were used triple 8 gloves the single puck ones and I got them for 25$ then later I got the triple puck ones for free later on
Tip for riding switch. Practice.