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Here is a more detailed look at the Morning Banana Diet: Steps of the Morning Banana Diet 1.Eat a banana and lukewarm glass of water for breakfast. 2.Eat anything you like (within reason) for lunch or dinner, as long as it's before eight o'clock p.m. 3.A three o'clock, a snack is recommended - but nothing too sugary. 4.No desserts recommended after meals. 5.Get plenty of rest. The approach to exercise is probably the most appealing part of this diet. The Banana Diet does not strictly encourage exercise, unless the dieter prefers, and then recommends that the dieter exert himself or herself in the least stressful way possible. Desserts with meals are not allowed and only one snack in the mid-afternoon is permitted. Alcoholic drinks are discouraged and early dinners before 8 o'clock pm are recommended. The plan also encourages plenty of rest because plenty of sleep is believed to increase metabolism and reduce stress.
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