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First gift, SMILEY key chain, from his drama Mackerel Run. Min Yoon Seo(Moon Chae Won) gave Cha Gong Chan (LMH) a smiley cellphone accessory. Second, a miniature well. I come up to that thing through his drama Personal Taste. Park Kae In (Son Ye Jin) gave a miniature furnitures like apple table, and miniature chair to Jeon Jin Ho. Pardon me coz a well is not a furniture. I didn't find any mini furniture. ^^ Third, mini pillow key chain with J <3 J engraved. Obviously, it's from Boys Over Flowers. J <3 J there stands for 'Julia <3 Jun Pyo'. :") Lastly, a mini capsule bottle from Faith. The capsules inside the bottle have a message. You'll open the bottle, then get a capsule, open it and read my message. :) They are CAPSULES OF LOVE. haha (and not intake) :( I'm really sad that I don't have the chance to give these to him. T_T
YOU ALREADY!!! =))) >< inggitera lang, :))
T_T I already gave my gifts to Minho last mall tour .=))