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Recently, I've been very busy working and all I did after coming back home was throw my clothes somewhere and sleep. And today, I finally got some free time and decided to do laundry (because I had a ton of laundry stacked all over my room). As I picked up my clothes, I realized some of them were seriously faded. My vivid shirts turned almost white as snow. If they were too old, I would have thrown them away. However, I had them just a bit more than an year and it would be a waste to get rid of them. I shouldn't have expose them too long in sunlight or washed them too often. Anyhow, to save my clothes, I googled few ways to restore their colors, and I would like to share these simple tips with y'all.
1. Vinegar
1) Wash your clothes first to get rid of any dirt or stain that might be on them.
2) Mix water and vinegar in 5 to 1.5 ratio, and sink the washed clothes in it for 30 minutes.
3) After 30 minutes passed, rinse them thoroughly with water and dry them in well-ventilated shade.
2. Flat Beer
1) Simply, pour enough amount of flat beer into a laundry bucket (do not mix with water).
2) Sink your faded clothes for 10 to 15 minutes.
3) Rinse them softly in water and dry them in well-ventilated shade.
That's a great point. I hadn't thought of it that way!
Flat beer?! I would have never expected that to be something that works. I ust hope I don't smell like a drunk when I wear them out next.
Awesome hack. I have a couple of old shirt that needs to be renewed again.
Flat beer?!?!?! Blending into my perfume?! Are you sure about this @iluvdurian31?
@danidee perfume is made if alcohol anyways so the smell will blend if you use perfume