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Tohru and Riko went back to Nagano. They decided not to contact the police. Riko called Utsumi and told him about Tohru's condition. Tohru just stayed quiet most of the time but they also had normal conversation. Riko said they'll be fine and promised to to their best. The kouhai kid went to his best friend's house and talked about Yuki and Utsumi and how he thought the look good together. Aww poor kid cried. Looks like Yuki was his first love. Shou went out somewhere and saw her ex college bf waiting for her. Shou told him it was his fault that destroyed her relationship with Utsumi. Shou turned to leave but Her ex yelled out after her saying he'll wait for her until she comes to him Utsumi and Yuki went home together after the tennis match. Yuki apologized to Utsumi for indirectly caused him to not be able to participate in the match. Yuki told Utsumi that she appreciated everything he did and it was thanks to him that she was able to came back safely. Finally they can be happy! Utsumi took Yuki home. Yuki took off Utsumi's eye bandage and kissed him there. Yuki: I love you. I really love you. I'm glad that I fell in love with you from the bottom of my heart. This is such an adorable scene. I'm so happy these two can find true happiness once again. Hopefully nothing can tear them apart. However! Yuki came ohme and was surprised to see her father there! Looks like the 2 of them will be torn apart again?!?! Or Utsumi will somehow persuade Yuki's father! At least this manga won't be ending soon Ch 153 spoiler summary Next chapter will be out on 11/30
@14jenny i have a feeling that he will cuz he looks so mean >__<
wish her daddy won't be a hindrance..
thanks for the summary :)
thanks @rurounisena I will do the summary now :)
good job rurounisena can't wait to see chap 152 in english
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