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Last night, pop songstress Ariana Grande sat for her very first late-night interview on Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show". The nervous Ariana seemed to be a little shy until Jimmy asked her to show the audience her incredible Celine Dion impression - and boy, does she slay!
Check out the video below to hear Jimmy and Celine (I mean, Ariana) do a wonderful live duet of Celine's 1992 hit single "Beauty and the Beast"!
The magic begins at the 0:45 mark.
For more Celine news, check out the card I made yesterday: Celine Dion Ends Her 7-Month Hiatus; Returns to Caesar's Palace This Summer. And for more "Tonight Show" hilarity, follow my Last Night on the Tonight Show collection. (You won't be let down!)
If you think SHE'S good, you should hear my Cher impression. ;)
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@danidee that's so awesome I do a pretty impressive Cher impersonation as well!
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