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Find out what's been happening in the life of Ayana for the past 2ish months ^_^
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omg i was on vacation so i didnt see this posted!!! 1. holy shit good luck with those books lol 2. hell yeah free housing! 3. that's awesome that you're changing to theatre, I always look up to people who go for things that are super artistic and not a "safe" major 4. I'll miss your facial expressions but yaaaay blog posts (and lol at vingle peeps bringing a tear to your eye^^) 5. PLEASE REPORT ON EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS AT BTS BECAUSE I CANT GO AND I WILL LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU SO REMEMBER EVERY BREATH THAT YOU TAKE
Written reactions with screen caps would be so fun! I remember my friend Elizabeth who's a fashion blogger did a hilarious one for "Bad Romance" when that video first came out: This could be TOTALLY doable (especially on Vingle!!!)