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Thanks Muirskate! Just finished my downhill deck! And for everyone that runs stock bushings.. Go get some venom bushings haha I haven't even rode the deck and I can already tell I love it X100 more haha and I love Vicious! Holy crap it's like razor blades glued to the top of the board haha freakin crazy! Well... I mean not that crazy but it's crazy haha
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Bear grizzly 852's @MitchellJuchno
3 years ago·Reply
how much was the deck
3 years ago·Reply
About $25 for me cause I work at a skate shop. Not sure how much they run but then I shaped it n everything. Full setup was probably around $125-130 @MitchellJuchno
3 years ago·Reply
Take that back ha around $150-160
3 years ago·Reply
wow what's cheap
3 years ago·Reply