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DIY | SHARPIE BALLOON SAVE THE DATE scissors March 13, 2015 I live for DIY Friday. Each and every Friday morning I get butterflies in my stomach just waiting to see what your reaction is to my project for the week… and I just know you are going to be head over heals for this one! I’m a fan of birthday cards and this year I’ve been sending out something very similar to this project, it’s actually what inspired this idea! For each birthday in my family I write a fun personalized message on a balloon and send the special wish on it’s way. Since everyone has been loving them I decided they would make a killer save the date idea that will cost less than half of having custom balloons printed! I’m also sharing a free printable design so that you can recreate this idea with ease. Yes, it will take some time and you might get super tired of writing the same message over and over – but it will totally be worth it because these Sharpie Balloon Save the Dates are beyond adorable! This fabulous technique can of course be used for ANY type of special message you want! Thank you cards, birthday cards, bridal shower or baby shower invites… and so much more! SUPPLIES: 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock #10 sized envelopes Balloons Sharpie Oil Paint Pens (not the regular pens!) Craft Knife Strong chip clip Twine At the bottom of this post you will find links to all these items! ENVELOPE STUFFING Now simply tie the balloon onto your Save the Date card! It’s best to wait 72 hours after drawing on the balloon to place them into their envelopes. As I said above, I’ve been sending these out as birthday cards for my family and I tested them a bunch. 72 hours seemed to be the sweet spot for the balloons being able to touch and rub against the inside of the envelope without any smudging. I even mailed them to myself to check! GOT A LARGE BALLOON? If your balloon stays inflated for too long, once deflated it might be larger than it was to begin with. To get it to return to it’s original size simply blow it up again slightly and deflate again. It’s weird but I promise it totally works! MAILING COST Just exactly as these are, they have been costing me $.70 to mail. However, if you use different paper, ribbon and etc. it might be different. I am not recommending that you take that $.70 to the bank. Please confirm the cost to mail at your post office with a finished version of your invitation. Also, as time goes on and this post remains – postage will go up!
I see there are lots of projects. if you can post the pictures here then Vingle users won't have to leave and go to another website. :) thanks for sharing this idea with the weddings community
@marshalledgar if I can, then I would do.. Sorry, I just find that web surfing .. Thx
@marshalledgar u can find another project via that web site
this is such a cool sounding project. do you have pictures of it to share?