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Have you guys seen Miss Granny?! If not, you absolutely have to! It's such a sweet movie <3

"After learning she's to be sent to a rest home, an elderly widow goes for a walk and wanders into a photo studio, where she emerges as a 20-year-old."
That cameo killed me. I spazzed out. Lol How had I not seen this before?!
*Have you seen Miss Granny? More importantly, if you haven't already, will you now? Lol
I watched twice already.my kids love it too.
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I just watched it, like 40 minutes ago. my husband saw with me! !!! we enjoyed it.
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Did anyone screamed when ajhussi Park took off his helmet and it was Kim Soo Hyun? I DID!
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@dramacrazy YES! I was so not expecting it! (:
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@aabxo, that was a good, no great ending.
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