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This is easily the best kiss scene in any movie. Ever. Seriously. I'm voting for this as my all-time favorite. Even if you're a hater of Nicholas Sparks books/movies, you've got to fall for this kiss scene. "It wasn't over; it still isn't over," Gosling reminds us before he takes McAdams in his arms and sa-wooooooooon! They might not be over, but it's over for me because this scene is just so great.
So, how can you get this kiss for yourself?
I've thought of a few simple steps. First, fall madly in love with someone. Then, sort-of break it off. For 7 years or so. But not really. You can't actually end it you just have to put both of you through a lot of misery. Then, meet like this! (Or, a better idea might be to just find a guy who's willing to act out this scene with you, which sounds like a LOT more fun than going through all that heart break, but that's just my thought!)
@ChristinaBryce Late response; sorry! But sa-wooooooon I need to go watch this again~!!
@ChristinaBryce @onesmile My favorite, too!!! Ugh; I hate how much they struggle but man, do they love each other
@onesmile I know this is your favorite; get over here!!