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How much do you know about spray tan? Before you start covering your whole body with spray, consider the following: 1. Spray tan typically last for 5-7 days. Of course, it varies per person but just know that it won't stay longer than a week. 2. For best result, you should always exfoliate your skin before you tan. 3. Once you spray tan you can't wash it off at once. Spray tan is meant to fade as your epidermis regenerates. 4. Similar to self tan, your skin might appear darker throughout the day. 5. To preserve the tan remember to pat dry after each shower and avoid using a loofah. 6. To avoid having your nails to get tan use nail polish before spraying. 7. Spray tan do get stain on fabrics. So make sure you wear one you don't mind about ruining. 8. Apply a barrier cream for an even tan. 9. Remember to moisturize your skin daily. tanning is drying and doing applying lotion can make the tan last longer. 10. Don't neglect sunscreen!
Growing up I always love getting tan especially during the summer. Actually it also help diminish the appearance of stray hairs on my legs (when I forget to shave). You nailed everything on the list but one thing I would like to add is even if you spray tan you'll bound to get tan when you're out in the sun. You'll still get the awkward bikini tan.
Sunlight hardly gets my skin tanned. It only adds more freckles on my face :( Maybe I should try spray tanning, but I am afraid as well, @stargaze.
I never had the gut to try spray tan even though the effect is temporary. I'm afraid of getting uneven skin tone.