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Self-driving cars have been the talk of the car tech world for sometime. At this point, it's only a matter of when, not if, that we should be thinking about in regards to these cars making it to the road. Google, Tesla, and more have already worked on many prototypes, and since it's not illegal, there have already been tests done to show how these cars would work.
Will self-driving cars ever be able to really replace human thought? I guess it depends on how far algorithms that can replicate decision making in the style of human thought come before that time.

But if that's the case, would self-driving cars have a death algorithm for when to sacrifice the driver, rather than the other vehicles it might harm?

But can we really trust self-driving cars? If predictions like this one made by the CEO of Tesla come true, humans driving cars may become illegal once self-driving cars dominate, because in theory the computer controlled cars would be safer than human drivers and their indecisiveness.
Only time will tell, but it's a scary thing to think about...
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@missophiestik Yes, it would be best if there was just a way to avoid it all together, but unfortunately we know that this might not be possible in all cases. But then what do we do?
The thing that they should have to invent to avoid the situation in where the choice of sacrificing occurs and create a solution on the whole sacrificing thing when it happens you know. Gah law of physics.
@drwhat @amog32 Sadly, I fear this might not be the case. These cars are very nearly a reality. I bet it will be less than 10 or 20 years before we see them on the roads.
@drwhat Hey, I am hoping for appropriate changes to happen when it comes to transparency before the time this comes to be. Sorry for being hopeful, geez.
@amog32 You're suggesting actual transparency from a program like this? Fat chance.
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