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In a reform on an already fantastic education system, Finland has changed the title of different areas that are used in the education system from "subjects" to "topics." So, rather than following the traditional “teaching by subject,” they will instead by “teaching by topic."
As an English teacher, I try to always incorporate and cross reference skills and content from several subjects, but students really struggle to transfer "English skills" or "Technology skills" into social studies and vice versa. This isn't how the real world works at all, so why not change our educational model to fit what the way the world works?
So, why does the Finnish school system already work so well? Because they have set education up to not be about competition, but about finding a place for every student and educating them based on what they're good at. Not only that, but teachers are truly respected in Finland, and it is actually very difficult to become a teacher.
This type of education leads to results similar to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, while having some of the lowest child suicide rates when compared with those Asian countries.
How long will it take for America to try something, anything different?
@marshalledgar @greggr Sadly I think that's most of the messed up systems in the US....let them burn and then rebuild...
I think you're right. Letting it end in flames may need to happen before it actually gets better.
@marshalledgar No need to apologize for the monologue. Really, it's true. There's nothing that doesn't need changed about the US education system if you really look at it. But I am worried it might have to sink before it can be fixed.
usa's antiquated school system needs an overhaul. and it's long overdue. I think that education needs to be state-based. not Federal level. this makes the "system" smaller in scale and more manageable. I know that there are state standards and oversight but it all gets funneled through Federal. The bigger problem is our cultural perspective. Celebrity at any cost is the pinnacle of achievement over here. College sports have the highest budgets of any other department. what does that say? 99.99% of politics involves corporate - bought agendas, which do not seek innovation or improvement, only safety in the status quo. parents can't be "bothered" with their kids' school. Teachers can't discipline without the real problem of lawsuits. Teachers are near impossible to get fired for any offense after they're vested. there's no respect for teachers. The boat is sinking and it's riddled with holes. many in the boat are responsible. even worse, however are the blockades deliberately erected to prevent plugging of the holes. sorry for the monolog.