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Too Many Cooks...in this Election
CNN got this one right. There are just TOO MANY cooks involved in the 2016 election predictions at this point. But also, the scary breakdown that happens at the end....yikes.
Who will actually be on the ballot? Who needs to get out of the kitchen right now? Should we even pay attention to any of this nonsense until the number is limited?
And we're not really going to let Bill Clinton run, right?! Serious props to CNN for putting this together. This clips are too funny!
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Ughhhh. I don't think I'm ready for another presidential election. The media just sort of blows up. (Also do people ACTUALLY think Obama is going to try to make a third term happen?!)
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I read yesterday that there's over 195 candidates already lol
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@danidee It feels just so soon. (And no, I don' tthink they do!) @yakwithalan Yep. Anyone who is eligible can register! Even you!
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