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Perming can damage your hair in the long run if you neglect proper care. Some of the major concern is hair becoming fragile and dry. Your hair might look luscious a day or two after the perm but over time your hair will look dull and unhealthy. To prevent your hair from being further damage here are some important tips to care for permed hair.
1. Your hair dress hopefully warn you about this but you should skip washing your hair 48 hours after getting it permed. If you wash your hair too soon it will cause the hair protein to break down and the shape will be messed up.
2. Conditioning is a must for permed hair. The cuticle is very vulnerable at this point and it needs all the moisture it can intake. In addition, you need to choose a conditioner that is specific for chemically treated hair.
3. Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Gently squeeze excess water out! If you have a difficult time sorting out the hair strands with your fingers use a detangler spray.
4. Do not brush wet hair. This will only cause split ends and broken strands.If you feel the need to brush use a wide-tooth comb.
5. Avoid updos like buns and tight ponytails. This is especially important on the first few days following the permed hair. Any hairstyle that require the use of tight elastic ties and clips should be avoided.
7. You should air dry your hair. However, if you need to blow dry perm hair always use a diffuser. This tool is a must to diffuse heat and ensure gentler drying process. Don't forget to use heat protection!
If you every permed your hair, what's your #1 tip?
use a leave in conditioner to ensure a more soft shiny feel to hair with perm use leave in conditioner while it's wet ...not damp not moist ..wet
care for kids with curly hair
My hair is naturlaly curly. Drives me crazy to flat iron it, which only happens like twice a year.
I also heard dying your hair after a perm could give you dry and split ends
A perm is a perm is a perm... @adeadlysin is right about that. I'd avoid a perm at all costs
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