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Since the legalization of the good ol' MJ has been spreading, the economies directly related to marijuana have been growing, too!
In Colorado and Washington, where smoking weed is now legal, many new tourism industries related to this have been popping up and spreading pretty rapidly. Why is this happening? Because it is still illegal to smoke in public, meaning that tourists to the areas need a place to go to be able to enjoy weed, and businesses are responding.

A Sample of Marijuana Tourism Experiences

- My 420 Tours in Denver offers visitors a multi-day experience including transportation to and from the airport, lodging and cannabis-related activities.
- Travel THC lists over 70 generally small, lodging choices in Colorado that allow some sort of marijuana consumption on the property.
- 420 Layover Solutions picks up passengers with layovers at Denver International Airport and takes them on a tour to purchase marijuana and enjoy it in a scenic location before returning to the airport.

- Seattle's Kush Tour visits a glass pipe blower, Marijuana-growing nursery, testing facility, and cannabis retailer.
What kind of MJ experience would you be interested in trying on your next vaca to a state where it's been legalized?

Oh boy, this is going to be opening all sorts of doors. No pun intended. Because, you know, bed and breakfast.
I'm surprised it hasn't grown even faster! I guess it's like alcohol, though, just because everyone can use it doesn' tmean they will or wnat to.
@danidee Hahah. Yeap i can't imagine all the different industries we'll probably end up seeing.