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We all know where we were for 9-11. But what about April 11, 2012? Do you remember where you were when this was uploaded to YouTube? I know exactly where I was and what I was doing! I was visiting family and heard screaming from the next room and discovered three family members keeled over in laughter and hysteria because if this video, which is the original news coverage and the next video which was Autotuned. Gotta love these guys!
125 Million views! Instant classic! If you bought this from iTunes leave a comment!
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I LOVE this still. Have you ever seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? The opening credits are a parody of this used with the news story in the TV show.
I haven't seen it and honestly have not heard great reviews of it. It's not the kind of show I would watch.
@danidee I literally watched this then watched Unbreakable, Dead Giveaway, and Those Balls Are Perfect. XD It's been in my head all week now.
My friend's Netflix account lapsed. Guess I need to get my own membership. ugh...
@Spudsy2061 YES. This made me want to watch Unbreakable too. Females are strong as hell. And @darcysdiary yeah, I don't think it's a television show for everyone, but I think the part that was inspired by this video is at least pretty hilarious. :)