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Found some great pavement at geode yesterday and my wheels thaned a bit. I didn't ride too hard though because I sprained my ankle 2 days ago.its also kind of hard to see in the pics.
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@KTM2014 I have them. Just haven't put them to use yet. I'm waiting till I get sliding down and to put them on my next setup. Right now I only have one slide down
What wheels are you using now?
Sector 9 Race Formula 82a not sure if their 70mm or the 73mm.
any wheel with a softer durometer is going to Thane a lot easier. Big wheela can be really hard to break in sometimes. you might just have to wear them down a bunch before they thane. They will also be more controllable. @RichardSchafer I've never rode reforms, but certain colors of wheels dont like to Thane so that might be the problem. just for fun, i would say throw on your Liam Morgan's and do a couple slides just to see if you can get them thane-ing. That will be a fun experiment, and might boost your confidence. 82a is too icy for me. are you doing glove slides or stand-ups @RichardSchafer?
Glove slides