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The Queen's Talisman ~ D. James Breaux
It's always dancing back and forth; changing, wavering from bad to good, never quite reliable. And it's luck is questionable. Don't rely on the talisman she told herself. Shall I dictate my own destiny she asks herself. Reaching back from the darkness and setting sail for the light, she declares her rightful vanguard bounty. It's the talisman's last dance; vanquished to the gallows. Luck's stronghold conquered. Fear's faction eliminated. Her emissary of self-reliance is dispatched. Her destiny is made. Purpose proclaimed. Future questionless. Providence sure. Her fate is fixed.
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes THE QUEEN'S TALISMAN ~ D James Breaux The Queens Talisman is inspired by the strength, resoluteness, courageousness, boldness, valorousness, fearlessness, gutsiness, determination, spirit, perseverance, resilience, intrepidity, backbone, staying power, stick-to-itiveness and whatittakesification of my wonderfully awesome daughter. When we're purposely driven to our destiny by our own inner strength, we can rely on providence to shape our destiny ~ instead of occasional luck crossing our path. It's there that we can take charge of the journey and confidently determine our own life's circumstance. #YouArePower
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Hope your daughter gets to read this, because it's awesome!
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Gracias my friend, thank you for the read....yes....it got a happy smile from her =D
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