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Death of a star

After all these years, its only the stars Who saw me, rise and fall.. Witnessed the story behind these scars But O' how I wish there was a real soul.. More alive than these shimmering blue. But still,as these years passed by I remain the hopeless youth,staring at the dead diamonds Amazed.. Yet without the slightest clue. Tonight,the dead space shall hear my screams My voice suffocated by this vaccum. The smell of burnt flesh shall waft in the air As I stand and watch,the death of a lone star. Burning in its brilliance,nearing its end. Burning in its solitude, without a friend. Tonight, no light shall escape this darkness And you shall see my black heart Too tired to love you, too tired to hurt. Tonight, you shall see, the death of a shining star..
@DebankaChanda Really great as always Davy!
Awesome...Well written the thoughts...
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