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Me and a carload of friends were disc golfing, two of us had our longboards in the trunk, so afterwards we bombed the hill at the park some. Then the way home we were driving along the Mississippi and me and my buddy Alex hopped out and longboarded from the Kone building in downtown Moline to the the Captain's table in East Moline on the bike trail on the river. It's about a 4 mile trip maybe. And I couldn't see the ground because it was too dark the whole time we were riding but I didn't hit any rocks because the path is hella smooth asphalt. This is the only picture I got from my flip phone without flash lmao. Expect better pics from this path maybe in the daylight sometime, we did not plan this little adventure
@JoshSmith We didn't have any of that shit lol
I'm skeptical about riding at night! but this gets me excited! I'm a newbie
I love nice long board rides. I board to and from school which is about a 7 mile round trip. it's very relaxing and defiantly clears my mind before I study or go bomb some hills.
@EdenMMercedes oh night boarding is by far my favorite. just make sure you have all you reflective gear and lights