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by lindahalewynn
These tears show up from time to time
Sometimes I can't stop them
These tears of mine
These tears I shed for you Mother
It seems like yesterday
You were hanging onto life
Those weeks in rehab
Were the best we ever had
You didn't know me
Who are you? You would say
The answer didn't matter
You wouldn't know anyway
I'm your daughter . . . I would say
Your gaze was only gray
I don't know if you knew my husband
You would say
That would be my dad
Sense you could not make
These tears are for you Mother
They won't go away
We will go on . . . we who're left behind
Shedding tears thru the years
For you Mother
Who didn't know me
These tears are for you Mother
These tears for what shoulda been
Between mother and daughter
These tears are for you Mother
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The emotions in the poem is very relatable. Such a beautiful poem :`)
Beautiful, sad work. Thanks for sharing @lindawynn98871