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Travel Tip: the horror of having only two days in Italy

There is never enough time when it comes to traveling-- especially around Europe. Many people face the problem of only having a few days in great countries. So… How do you make the most of your time in Italy? Choose the right city, and do it well.
If you are facing a time constraint when traveling Italy, I urge you to choose Venice as the city to visit.

But WHY?
Three reasons...
1. You can do Venice in two days—and do it WELL

2. It is unique from any other city in the World
3. Its geographic location allows for easy access to the rest of Europe

So, if you are only able to travel for a few days in Italy, jump on the ~gondola~ and visit Venice. I recommend Rick Steves’ "Planning Your Time in Venice: Venice in One to Four Days" online guide.

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