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It looks like bad news for Lee Minho and Suzy fans. The pair traveled separately but seems to have met up in London for a romantic weekend.

According to Dispatch, the two have been together for at least 2 months, and have met all over the globe! They say him go to Paris for a photoshoot on the 10th, and Suzy went to London for a photoshoot the same day. Lee Min Ho then flew to London to meet Suzy; she checked out from her Waldorf hotel on the 15th, and Lee Min Ho picked her up there!

I don't even know why Suzy tried to hide, her hoodie/scarf combo didn't really do much to hide from the paparazzi haha!

Anyway, if they are dating and happy then good for them, I just hope the fans are okay.

What do our Vingle Minho lovers think?!

I don't like her. I always don't. Even when i first saw her in runningman, i don't know why, to me, she is so fake? Anyway.. Whatever..its his life but I CARE!!
I'm totally NOT OKAY! :( why suzy? I just don't like her even before the were a couple. #feelingbroke
Don't like this news.
We are 21st century, I'm wrong, hello! couples living together, can not go out with girlfriend, everyone is back, let it live, you're his fanatic, not its owner, is must support him in everything, accept their decision.
@beulasilk1 Lol aigoo indeed, it's pretty cute to see both of them together although my roommate woke me up today on this grounds, that Lee min hoo was dating and Suzy too for that matter and I was like WTF
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