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I will go into more detail about my whole BA experience in a later card but I just wanted to give you all a preview of my vegan meals this trip. I have flown BA before, but not as a vegan and I was so impressed by their food! I was flying internationally to Heathrow so this might be a meal expected on a 8+ hour flight: - A roll with dairy free margarine - Cold soba noodles, blanched asparagus, and a cherry tomato with black sesame pesto - Couscous with parsley - Green peppers stuffed with purple rice - Steamed mix of carrots, white beans, and peas - Side of fruit Absolutely delicious! Though I was a little jealous of the non-vegan tiramisu...vegans like sweet treats too!!!
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Wow, stuffed peppers was a really good idea. It looks so good! (They didn't give you NEARLY enough fruit though!)