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This question was asked through a message but I thought it's worth sharing with everyone who's experiencing with overplucked brows. If you're in the awkward stage of trying to rescue your brows consider the following tips!
1. Give them a break
If you overplucked, there is a 80% chance your natural brow shape is messed up. At this point, if you try to correct it with more waxing or plucking it will only cause further damage. Leave your brows alone for a month or two so the hair could grow back. By then, you could at tweak it to your prefer shape.
2. Massage
I haven't tried it personally but a lot of my friends say lash serum and castor oil promote hair growth. So, simply massaging it on your brows twice a day for a couple of weeks.
3. Hide Imperfections
This might be the easiest way to fix overplucked brows. Use an eye pencil or shadow to fill in a temporary shape. In addition, use concealer or powder to cover stray hairs while you're growing them back.
4. Go Professional
After you've grown them back, consult a professional brow expert to get an understanding of the best shape for you. If you are confident enough, learn how to get the perfect shape here.
5. Use brow gel
This is based on my personal experience. One of the main reason I always end up plucking more than I should is that I have hairs that hang down which I initially think needs to be removed. However, I learned after my mistake and realized it's part of my natural brows. I started using a brow gel to hold them in place instead of removing them and they look so much better.
I’d love to know if anyone has any other tips for how to get perfect natural style brows – any ideas?
If you don't have brow gels, vaseline also works!
@OfeLopez You can find it in any herb or organic store. Whole food or Trader Joe's sell them or you can order them online at amazon or iherbs.com
love the caster oil tip
Yeah, I've been trying to grow my brows out now, especially now that Cara Delevingne makes me feel like I should embrace the fuller eyebrows I normally have!
Thank you .... ;) nannysally
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