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The city is still covered in smog, and so officials have taken a huge bit of action by banning half the city's traffic. This happens in Paris (and other cities) sometimes. How do they do it? It's pretty simple, actually.

Only odd numbered license plated cars can drive.

That's it! It sounds like freaking satire though, doesn't it? I can't believe a city would actually be able to ban people from driving like this.
To help people get around, all public transportation will be temporarily free. These measures are expected to stay in effect through at least Monday, but maybe longer if the choking smog doesn't decrease.
@amog32 It seems the smog is going to stick around a bit longer than you expected...
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This is crazy.
@drwhat Has it lifted yet?
@yakwithalan Yep, if you check here you'll see it's pretty much donehttp://aqicn.org/map/europe/