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Since it's spring season I will be starting a weekly bridal trend for makeup and hair. For Monday we'll be focusing on trending makeup combo! To start off the series I choose a classic look that most bride adore.

Smokey Eye and Soft Lips

This look main focus are the eyes. It is a sexy makeup style that goes with a day to evening wedding. There are endless options on how you do the eyes. However, I would recommend lip colors: nude, pink nudes or pink mauves to balance the dramatic eye. Below are are some bridal makeup examples for you to use as reference.
Combo: Sultry smokey eye + nude lips.
Photography: Elstile
Combo: Dramatic smokey eye + pink mauve. Make Up: Lora Kelley / Photography: Jen Huang with Nevealbums
Combo: Gradient smokey eye + nude lips
Photography: Fady Kataya
Combo: Sultry smokey eye + pink nude lips
Photography: Fashion Bank

Want to try it out yourself?

Learn how to do a classic smokey eye with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge
What's your favorite smokey eye and soft lip combo?
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Tell me more about Dior
@darcysdiary I haven't tried too many Dior products, but when I was in high school, I really liked the lipgloss because it had a really silky consistency. And I liked DiorShow mascara, which I think is actually their most popular cosmetic. The brush is really densely packed and makes your lashes really full.
@darcysdiary On an entire different spectrum, one time someone gifted me with Chanel's liquid eyeshadow and I had an allergic reaction. Hahaha, I looked like Quasimodo for a good four or five hours. I don't think that's Chanel's problem so much as I think my skin doesn't take too kindly to liquid eyeshadows.
Hope I'm not butting in, but I have never used a liquid eye shadow @danidee. I also have never purchased anything at a Chanel cosmetics counter. I like to stick to something more economical since makeup is like crazy expensive
Kya Khub lagatiho