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I normally don't watch a ton of anime, but after Katsucon I decided to give a bunch a try, and now I am currently in the process of watching 5 different animes at once! I'm definitely one of those people who will focus on one at a time before moving on to the next, but here we are ^^;
I know a few are older, but I'm only on around episode 7 of each, so no spoilers! But have you been watching/watched any of these? Or are you into any other shows right now?
I'm gonna watch Another, too!! @MattK95 @starberry
I started watching another damn Its super exciting i am hooked can't wait to watch the next episode :-) u 2 enjoy.
I watched akame and another... Both were fine.....
I haven't seen any of them, so thanks for the recs! I wanna watch graffiti girl
I haven't seen any of these but I heard that "Another" is really good, you'll have to let me know if the other ones are any good so I will know if I should watch them :)