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A gentle caress down the nape of my neck
A soft kiss on the back of my head
I know you'll lie awake for hours after I drift asleep in your arms
And no matter what you stay--it makes me feel bad.
Why was it that your mind flew so much longer than mine?
The colors long faded, the rush long gone,
But the connection remained.
I liked, loved that it hadn't gone
I wanted it to stay
I needed it
I needed you.
That rush of air as I allow a sorrowful sigh to escape from my tired lips
I live for each moment of this bliss
Put myself through hell for each moment of this bliss
Your hand slides around my waist, cradling me gently
"This keeps me calm," you say, "and you kept me alive"
Such a weight, such a responsibility
Your words--no matter how glad I am that I saved you--weigh on me.
I know I'll remember these feelings when we're torn apart again.
I know I'll feel the echo of your fingers on my skin and your words on my heart.
I know I'll hurt.
And that's okay.
This was written and posted on my deviantart back in 2009. Throwback to when I was dramatic and in love, or, so I thought. A writer can make herself anything in her words, if that's what she wants to do. Don't believe everything you read~
You certainly like repetition; I've noticed this in many of your pieces!
@hikaymm Don't believe everything we read. Good thought lol, I think so many people assume that poetry is nonfiction, but that's not always the case, is it? Anyways, even nonfiction is just one version of a reality.