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Never before have I been this excited about actually trying a recipe I find online! This recipe by hope-squared is simple and looks like it's absolutely to DIE for; I have to eat it!!

Necessary ingredients:

- Baking pan

- Spoon
- Pillsbury Cinnamon Buns container (8 bun pack)
- 4 Navel Oranges - pre-gut this at home for an easier time at the campfire, unless you want to eat them with the cinnamon rolls!
- Cutting board
- Tin foil
- Bowl for the orange guts
- Knife
Now, if you're carrying all this hiking with you, you can certainly make do without some of this!

Swipe through the steps to making them here :)

@danidee YUM I haven't tried the cinnamon rolls there???
My favorite cinnamon rolls at Starbucks are made with a little bit of orange zest, so this is just a high class camping snack. ;)
@danidee Yeah!!! Probably just a hint but even that hint of orange sounds SO good!
Yum yum. Make sure you tie up everything so the bears don't come looking for some of this deliciousness after you eat!
I bet these cinnamon rolls get a little bit of a citrus flavor in there from those orange rinds. I certainly wouldn't complain though. It would add a nice twist to a standard cinnamon-sugar flavor!