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I love kids. They are like mini-drunk people. They run out around out of control. They break things all the time. But the best part (yes, I said best part) is that they say the funniest un-scripted things! There is no end to the ridiculous (but mostly true) things that kids say. This little girl, upon learning she will become a big sister, just proved that to her parents.
If you expected her to say that, then you are a sorcerer! Her response was so perfect. Better than saying "I don't care," which can be mean, her response leaves her parents in tears from crying so hard (yes, I am being coy bc you need to watch it!).

So can anyone think of a better way to say "I don't care"?

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Big sisters are ruthless. I remember my mom telling me that my sister poked me in the eye the moment she saw me for the first time in the hospital.