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If you recently chopped your hair you might notice your bob or lob needs some extra texture. Your easiest and cheapest option is make a homemade sea salt spray. However, if you prefer to purchase it in store, I suggest the following products. They are tested and tried by me.
1. Love + Salt Beach Hair and Body Mist ($24) - Vegan-friendly! The blend of salts and coconut oil smells amazing. You could hardly tell you have it on because it's so light and weightless. Plus, it works for both hair and skin (hydration). Absolutely, my favorite.
2. Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray ($10.79) - This spray can give you the same texture you get from sitting by the shore. If you're going for a relaxed tousled look this is one of the cheaper option out there. One suggestion - you don't have to go crazy with the spray (or it will your weigh your hair down). A little goes a long way!
3. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($25) - The volume and texture you get with this is pretty amazing and sexy. Sea salt spray is usually drying but this bottle includes seaweed and kelp extracts to enhance moisture.
What's your texturing spray? Share with us below!
how do you make a homemade one? just salt and water?
@mikayla All of them give you some sort of texture to work with. However, I personally like Bumble & Bumble and Love + Salt spray. If you're into organic or vegan products I say go with Love + Salt.
@beckyr Yes. Make sure you use sea salt! Full recipe can be found here -->
I only heard of Bumble & Bumble but I always use a homemade sea salt spray for beachy waves. It's a lot cheaper.
I should avoid Love + Salt. I love coconut scent and most of my beauty products have coconut scent. Adding another one might seriously turn me into a coconut.
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