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The two Argentineans went at it for a chance to continue play in the Champions league and with a 1-0 agg advantage Barcelona looked like the favorites away from home. Manchester City played a terrific match but it was no match for Lionel Messi as he looked unstoppable. If nobody had ever seen or heard about Messi they would have thought to themselves this guy is the best player in soccer. The Man City defenders couldn't stop him or take the ball away. The only one that stopped Messi was Joe Hart at goal. If it wasn't for Harts incredible form the score wouldn't have been 2-1 Barcelona more like "many" to 1. Messi moves on beating Sergio Aguero. Aguero had a chance to tie it when he was awarded a penalty kick but couldn' convert because of Ter Stegen.
@PansaNation Yes but Kompany is the brunt of why the back line look lost. When the captain plays bad the whole team does.
@Spudsy2061 True but I feel Man City couldn't handle the pressure. @GermanBumbleBee I feel like that is true also and exactly why I think they are pushing to acquire Paul Pogba if he doesn't choose to go with either PSG or Real Madrid. @CitySarajevo not only is he playing bad, i really don't like DeMichals playing Center Back and Clichy also being out.
Kompany's been terrible too.
A good point @Spudsy2061 but they rely too much on Toure in the midfield.
Think Man City really rode Aguero's early season form into the knockout round. Think he had a hat-trick to beat Bayern which, while an achievement in and of itself, was probably the one thing that got them through. City just not good enough. Messi looked great in El Clasico yesterday too. Top top player.