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uses vanilla wafers, white chocolate, marshmallows, pink icing and green coconut. 1. melt the white chocolate 2. dip the vanilla wafers in the white chocolate 3. open the pudding cups and put the green coconut in the top half to create a triangle 4. place three wafer cookies in the cup with one. at the bottom and two overlapping 5. using the pink icing create the bunny's feet 6. using a little bit of icing for it to stick, place the marshmallow icing side down on the wafer cookie to create a tail look 7. repeat steps (for brown bunnies skip steps 1 and 2) original site: http://www.worthpinning.com/2015/03/pudding-all-of-your-eggs-in-one-basket.html?utm_source=P-0534&utm_medium=FB&utm_campaign=SocialFabric&m=1
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This is too cute!
This sounds so easy to make! And so cute. I want to make these. I love their little bunny tails.
This is adorable, I might make these this weekend!