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Oh god. Here we go.
If you fed all of these to one person, would it count as battery?
Hey, at least this one has a hefty amount of veggies.
This one, on the other hand, almost looks painful. Sans toothpicks.
But bacon nigiri retains the same sense of simple elegance -- "wabi-sabi" -- attributed with sushi. How quaint.
Here's a more elegant take on bacon sushi, filled with risotto and peas.
But in the end, who cares about that? You're making bacon sushi. Just replace everything with more meat.
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This reminds me of Epic Meal Time.
3 years ago·Reply
wonderful! asking for this the next time I get sushi
3 years ago·Reply
wonder if this will work with turkey bacon too
3 years ago·Reply
@Kimmie1970 oh, I don't know. turkey bacon has yet to feel and taste like bacon. skip the bird and go for piggly wiggly.
3 years ago·Reply